Computer telephony is one of the fastest growing industries of the last decade. Increasingly, organizations are realizing the business benefits that sophisticated communications solutions can deliver. In a climate of exponential growth, developers and system integrators need proven ways of getting their products to market fast.

ATIS Bucuresti SRL is a leading, global provider of high performance telecommunication solutions. Our company has been at the forefront of Telecommunication interface systems design consisting in certain software/hardware projects developing in Bucharest - Romania. Since 1994, Atis developed and maintained dozens of times complex quality software projects delivered on time. Over the years, Atis managed successful relationships. The primary focus of Atis has been quality, since only the IT outsourcing providers who understand the need to reconcile their service offerings to the clients’ business objectives will continue to propel the growth of this industry.

We are a provider of high-end software outsourcing services, specializing in enterprise application development, system integration, with industry-specific software and hardware expertise in telecommunication sectors, headquartered in Bucharest, Romania. The team employs are highly professional and experienced.

Using high technology and skilled team employs, ATIS Bucuresti provides high quality services in accordance with client specific needs from different activity sectors:

  • software development ( software design and development using the newest technologies and programming techniques:
    • Digital Voice Recording / Monitoring
    • Network / Digital Telephony communication protocols
    • High fidelity Digital Voice Processing
    • PC/minicomputers interfaces: Command and Control
    • CTI applications
    • GUI application
  • Support, maintenance and optimization (Creation of testing strategies and tools aimed at demonstrating the software quality to include tracking, analyzing, reporting and problem resolution)
  • IT consulting

Our vision is to deliver customer centric, cost effective and rapid solutions to complex telecommunication applications. We pride ourselves on the ability to solve problems. We're ready to step in and work as partners for complete an existing program or begin from conception, depending on your needs.

The quality of your product or system is of utmost importance to us. We take time to test and retest every design to make it right, and also ensure that your organization is properly equipped to purchase, inspect and audit the manufacturing process in order to maintain the highest quality standards throughout the life of the product or system.

Our company is capable to offer custom-built, scalable and easy to manage hardware modules loaded with software applications to be used in critical, non stop used equipments. The high quality and reliability of our products can satisfy the full degree of complexity required by the user side environment.